Allegations Against Accretive Continue To Mount

A recent article explains that new allegations have been made against Accretive Health, the now-famous collection agency being investigated for abusive debt collection practices that placed debt collectors inside of hospitals in an attempt to collect medical debts from patients. The new claims highlight specific instances of abusive debt collection, including one case where a woman was told her newborn would not be released from the hospital until she paid a $800 fee (which was already covered by her health insurance) for the baby’s delivery. Clearly, these types of collection practices are unacceptable and should not be tolerated. Debt collectors must understand that the most effective collection methods do not require threats or harassment. Reputable collection agencies, like The Kaplan Group, train their debt collectors to be respectful and professional in all collection efforts, ensuring no laws are broken while maximizing the efficiency of their collections. By properly applying ethical and legal collection methods, The Kaplan Group is able to provide the highest quality service for its clients.

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