Accretive Agrees to $2.5m Fine

In a recent article, The Bulletin of Oregon reported that Accretive Health has agreed to a $2.5 million settlement of allegations that the company violated a law which requires hospitals to provide emergency care to patients even if they cannot afford to pay for it. Accretive, which recently gained infamy after the Minnesota Attorney General launched an investigation into their collection practices within hospitals in the state, has admitted no wrongdoing but agreed to pay the fine to end part of the debate. However, the investigation into their practices is not over and as a part of this settlement they have agreed to surrender all documents requested by the Attorney General’s office as they continue to look into possible violations of other federal and state collection laws.

Instances like this one highlight the importance of employing legal, ethical collection practices in all debt collection efforts. Collection laws continue to evolve as new legislation are passed, so it is very important to ensure that all employees of a debt collection agency are informed about what they are and aren’t allowed to do in their efforts to recover unpaid bills.

About The Author:

Dean Kaplan is Principal at The Kaplan Group. Dean's exper­tise is widely rec­og­nized in the debt col­lec­tion indus­try. His advice has been pub­lished in a num­ber of indus­try newslet­ters such as Credit Today and InsideARM and he is a fre­quent speaker at indus­try events.