Debt Collections and Financial Statement Analysis

This is a 9 part series focusing on financial statement analysis and its impact on debt collections. These articles provide information on a number of topics, including the different types of financial statements, how to conduct financial statement analysis, and the impact this analysis has on credit decisions. A summary of each article is provided below.

Article 1: This article will summarize the typical credit analysis performed by the credit department before the financial statement analysis.

Article 2: This article will focus on an overview of financial statement analysis.

Article 3: This article will discuss the reliability of financial statements.

Article 4: This article will discuss how the level of credit investigation should change depending on the credit level requested by the new customer.

Article 5: This article will discuss the first step in financial statement analysis: understanding the company’s net income.

Article 6: This article will focus on examination of the financial strength of a potential new customer.

Article 7: This article will examine how to determine the potential new customer’s liquidity position.

Article 8: This article will discuss how to evaluate the potential new customer’s cash flow situation.

Article 9This article will focus on understanding the potential new customer’s operating cycle.

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