Col­lec­tion Agen­cies And Other 3rd Party Options

This is a 6 part series focusing options firms have to pursue outstanding debts. These articles provide information on a number of topics, including in-court resolution, employing a collection agency, and pursuing arbitration to collect unpaid balances. A summary of each article is provided below.

Article 1: This arti­cle will focus on pur­su­ing out­stand­ing debt through the small claims court.

Article 2: This arti­cle will focus on how to choose a com­mer­cial col­lec­tion agency.

Article 3: This arti­cle will focus on under­stand­ing the way col­lec­tion agen­cies oper­ate and what credit depart­ments can do to help max­i­mize results.

Article 4: This arti­cle will focus on defin­ing the terms and prin­ci­ples used by agen­cies and debt col­lec­tion attorneys.

Article 5: This arti­cle will focus on medi­a­tion as a way to set­tle disputes.

Article 6: This arti­cle will focus on arbitration.