It is Prime Time for The Collections Agency

Posted: Aug 11

The summer comes to its unofficial close with the Labor Day holiday.  Now is the time to resolve your delinquent accounts.  September is an optimal month for getting customers to pay.  And if they don’t, then it is time to get help from a collections agency such as The Kaplan Group.  If your customer is Read full post >

Are All Collection Agencies Aggressive?

Posted: Aug 11

If you have ever had to deal with collection agencies, you have probably run across those who call you on the phone and start yelling and threatening you from the minute you say hello to the second that you hang up the phone. For some reason there are a number of agencies that still think Read full post >

The Kaplan Group is Different From Other Collection Agencies

Posted: Aug 9

There are so many collection agencies around the United States, and they all have their own style of approaching those that they need to collect from. The Kaplan Group has a unique approach to the way that we use to collect on debts owed to your organization, and will do everything possible to get your Read full post >

Debt Collection in California Starts With Identifying the Debtor

Posted: Aug 8

The first step of successful debt collection in California has to be verifying the contact information our clients provide us with. We can then use this information to gather the extra information we need regarding the debtor. This is followed by sending them a short demand letter by fax or regular mail outlining their debt Read full post >

Finding Commercial Collection Agencies in California

Posted: Aug 7

Most people tend to think of collection agencies in California as the guys on the other end of the phone harassing people at home in an attempt to collect personal debts. When you are a business owner who needs to collect debts from another business, this is not the type of collection agency you need Read full post >

What Collection Agencies Have You Spoken To?

Posted: Aug 5

Before you make a decision on a collection agency, be sure to talk to several California collection agencies to find out what they do, what their guidelines are, and how much they charge. When they charge is also critical because not all agencies are the same. Industry involvement is huge for Kaplan Group because we Read full post >

What California Collection Agencies Will You Call On for Help?

Posted: Aug 4

When it comes to finding the right agency to help you collect on debts that other companies owe you, you need a commercial collections agency to help. You can check the long list of California collection agencies for more information, but Kaplan Group will be the top of your list. Kaplan Group has 35 years Read full post >

What Are You Expecting From Your Collection Agency?

Posted: Aug 3

Are you a business that is looking for help in collecting bad debts? If business is bad and you need an agency to help you collect on bad debt than Kaplan Group is a great choice. Kaplan Group can assist in the area of collecting debts that are overdue at a commercial level. Not all Read full post >

Need Accounts Receivable Collections That You Can Rely On?

Posted: Aug 2

Have you ever wondered what the next step is when your business is drowning in debt? Are your clients not paying you back? In the world of B2B there is nothing worse than not getting paid what you should be paid for outstanding debts that are piling up on your desk. When you can’t spend Read full post >

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