What California Collection Agencies Have You Checked Out?

Posted: Aug 22

How many California collection agencies do you know of that won’t charge you anything upfront in order to start the collection process? There aren’t many that I know of, but Kaplan Group is different. Kaplan Group has been around for more than 35 years, and has an excellent track record. With our unique collection techniques Read full post >

Kaplan Group is One of the Top California Collection Agencies

Posted: Aug 19

Are you looking for a company to handle your commercial collection efforts? You need to call on the Kaplan Group, one of the top California collection agencies around today. Not all collection agencies do the same type of collections, and that is why Kaplan Group is a great resource for all of your commercial collection Read full post >

Managing Your Accounts Receivable Collections

Posted: Aug 18

It is important that when we collect money for you that it is allocated properly and report properly and that is why we take care in handling your accounts receivable collections. We can account and report everything that we have received payment for as well as what we have not received payment for so that Read full post >

The Best Commercial Collection Agent is Kaplan Group

Posted: Aug 17

As your collection agent, the Kaplan Group is prepared to offer you just more than an agency that makes a contact on your behalf, but we also can provide expert skip tracing. We try to keep it simple giving our clients online access to claims, so that you can get your records when you need Read full post >

Do You Need Help with a Commercial Collection Problem?

Posted: Aug 17

As a business you have to count on every one of your business clients to pay their bills, in this respect it is no different than being in the retail world. The biggest difference is in the amount of money your average client owes you. When one of them does not pay up, not only Read full post >

Hire the Kaplan Group to be Your Collection Agent

Posted: Aug 16

When you need commercial collections, you can rely on the Kaplan Group to help. We are known as a commercial collection agent that is experienced, professional, and reliable. We have no collection fee upfront, so there is nothing charged unless we collect on the debt for you. Kaplan also has competitive contingency rates, which means Read full post >

Do You Need a Collection Agency?

Posted: Aug 16

As a business that deals strictly with other businesses, you would naturally expect that you would not have any problems getting your customers to pay their bills. After as your customers are other businesses, surely they understand how important it is that they pay their bills in the same way as they expect their customers Read full post >

Debt Collection Services From Kaplan Group

Posted: Aug 15

Did you know that debt collection services are now one of the most needed services in the industry? Kaplan Group knows the importance of collecting on outstanding debt, and that is why they make an effort to provide that to you affordably and with a professional touch. If Kaplan Group doesn’t collect then there is Read full post >

The Kaplan Group

Posted: Aug 12

The Kaplan Group is a no recovery = no fee debt collection agency for business to business collections. Collection agents are experts on large bad commercial debt claims. Visit us if you are looking for debt collectors, debt collection attorneys, accounts receivable services and commercial collection agencies in California.

The Meaning of a Collection Agency

Posted: Aug 12

Do you know the true meaning of a collection agency? Collection agencies were indeed designed to work on behalf of someone else to collect money that is owed for a product or service that was provided, but the end result is that many consumers out in the world are left feeling frustrated with the phone Read full post >