Facial Recognition for Sales Pros and Skip-Tracers

  The website how-old.net can take any picture of a person you upload and estimate the person’s age.  I uploaded two different photos of myself, taken 6 years apart, and it correctly guessed my age both times.  Try it yourself – it’s free. What is also amazing about this technology is that 2 developers put … Read more

Spending 3 Cents Could Have Prevented $30,000 Write-Off

  We recently were contacted by a prospective client who was owed over $30,000 for a consulting project.  They had a solid contract with their customer and proof that they had performed the work.  They had written acceptance of the work product from their customer and a written promise to pay.  But six months had … Read more

CPN Fraud – Don’t be a Victim

Article by:  Kathryn Brown What You Need to Know About Credit Profile Number and Synthetic ID Fraud There are numerous fraud schemes out there – if there is money to made, there is going to be fraud of one kind or another. One type of fraud that is becoming more prevalent is Credit Profile Number … Read more

Using Habits to Make Life Better

According to a study at Duke University, 40% of our actions are out of habit, not actual decisions. If all your habits are good, this makes life much easier. But, if you are like me and have some bad habits, this statistic helps explain why changing the Habit Loop is so difficult. This is what … Read more

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