How To Select A Col­lec­tion Agency

Choos­ing a debt col­lec­tion agency can be a dif­fi­cult process, and requires a fair amount of research before a final deci­sion can be made. Many fac­tors should be con­sid­ered, includ­ing the type of debt col­lec­tion spe­cial­ists you need, the fees they charge, the turn­around between when they col­lect and when you receive your money, etc. This info­graphic below can help you make this deci­sion so that the agency your busi­ness hires will pro­vide the best ser­vice pos­si­ble to fit your spe­cific needs.  In addi­tion to this sum­mary, we have a 13 page Guide:  How To Select A Col­lec­tion Agency which explains how to eval­u­ate the cri­te­ria described in the info­graphic below.


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